Croissant (Bake at Home)
Croissant (Bake at Home)
Croissant (Bake at Home)
Croissant (Bake at Home)

Croissant (Bake at Home)

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Croissant, frozen, ready to prove




Storage and Usage

  • We recommend pastries be stored in a freezer immediately 
  • If this process is not followed and proofing begins, we recommend fully proofing and baking the pastries to avoid issues with the quality of the bake
  • Pastries from The Bold Baker should be used within 7 to 10 days of production for the highest quality bake


  • Remove the desired number of pastries from the freezer and place on a pre-prepared tray with greaseproof paper
  • Spacing should allow the pastries to quadruple in size
  • The full proofing and baking process should be completed on the same tray and the pastries should not be moved from the tray once proofing has begun
  • The length of time your pastries require to prove is dependant on the temperature of the storage room
  • We recommend having a thermometer in the storage room and observing the changes in temperatures as the seasons change
  • The table below is a guide of proofing times based on room temperatures

 Room Temperature (°C) Proving Time (hrs)
<10°C 20
10 and 12°C 12
12 and 14°C 10
15 and 16°C 8
16 and 17°C 6
17 and 18°C 5
18 and 20°C 4
20 and 22°C 3
25°C proofer temperature 2



  1. Pre-heat the oven to 200°C
  2. Egg wash the croissants and pain au chocolat
  3. Bake at 200°C for 10 to 12 minutes, see picture above
  4. Allow the croissants and pain au chocolat to cool for at least 30 minutes



Your coffee brewing method determines the coffee grind level you require and with our available options of bean, coarse, medium and fine you'll able to find what you need.

- Coarse grind if you brew with a french press/ plunger/ cafetiere

- Medium grind if you brew using a percolater/ V60/ filter/ Aeropress

-Fine grind if you use a moka pot/ bialetti/ espresso machine

If you are buying coffee as a gift and are unsure what grind level to buy we would suggest going for Coarse (cafetiere/ cold brew). Chances are your coffee-loving recipient will be able to use this coffee and won't be disappointed, even if they own a coffee grinder!

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The ultimate way to keep coffee tasting fresh is to buy whole bean, grind at home and consume within 6 weeks of the roast date. However, our carbon neutral coffee bags, made in the Netherlands, keep coffee beans and ground coffee fresher for longer using valve technology and high quality materials.

Store your coffee in a cool and dark place.

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  • Carbon neutral packaging
  • Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Grade 82-90
  • Freshly roasted within 2 weeks

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