#01 - Jefferson Cartmell (Project Cold)


Project Cold: Transforming Lives, One Plunge at a Time

If you've ever visited the banks of the River Lune, you may have come across an extraordinary group of people who start their Sunday mornings with a splash. This is no ordinary swim club, but rather a community built around the benefits of cold water immersion. At the helm of this group is Jefferson Cartmell, or as many know him, JC - a personal trainer, cold water enthusiast and a true advocate for community wellbeing. Fuelled by his love for helping people and his firm belief in the therapeutic power of cold water immersion, JC started Project Cold.
"I believe in helping as many people as possible," says JC, emphasising that his ultimate goal hasn't been achieved yet - a testament to his unwavering commitment to changing lives. "The people we've helped along the way, from physical transformations to mental health improvements, have been amazing. You can see them changing their lives, and that's what it's all about."
From helping individuals with weight loss to supporting those traversing dark periods of depression, Project Cold champions resilience of the human spirit. According to JC, "Each person's journey is just as important as the other, as long as we're all in it together."
Despite initial resistance, JC remained steadfast, fuelled by the transformational effects of the cold water immersion he was witnessing. The magic of Project Cold lies not in the chill of the water, but in the warmth of the community it fosters. JC invites skeptics to immerse themselves in the experience and judge for themselves. After all, positivity and progress are better experienced than explained.
When asked about the balance between work and life, JC chuckles and refers to his routine as a "square" - between home, work, the river and the supermarket. His advice for maintaining balance is simple: "If you're passionate about something, it becomes your life."
JC's love for his local area, Morecambe Bay, is infectious. He describes the bay as a "beautiful place" with a "fantastic" community spirit. "If you stand on Morecambe Bay and look out towards the Lake District, you just think you can't get better than this," he says.
Looking forward, JC’s ambitions remain grounded in his dedication to community and wellness. Project Cold's future, he hopes, will see its influence extending even wider, fostering relationships and growing organically.
So, are you ready to dive in and experience the transformative power of cold water immersion? Remember, as JC puts it, "Go for it. Don't be held back by anyone's opinions. If you want to try something, just go for it."
And as for the best way to warm up after a chilly dip in the River Lune? A cup of freshly brewed, perfectly roasted "Pawsome" coffee. After all, it's the bold blend that keeps the bold going. Carringtons will be joining JC and serving up at Project Cold's next meetup. Here’s to fuelling more ambitious, life-changing endeavours like JC’s.
If JC’s story inspires you, why not join the Project Cold community, and take the plunge? Not only will you be part of a transformational experience, you'll be part of a growing family fuelled by positivity, purpose, and great coffee. As JC himself says, "There should be no limit on these things."

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