Coffee is the catalyst

Everything starts with a conversation. Coffee brings people together. Great coffee fuels the boldness inside of you.

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our vision

We believe that coffee is more than just a drink, it's a catalyst for building community and encouraging people to be bold. Fuelling the Bold™ represents our commitment to celebrating those who already embody boldness in their everyday lives and inspiring others to do the same.

At Carringtons Coffee Co, we're not just a coffee roastery and shop, we're passionate about building community and uplifting people. We believe that events are the best way to serve our community, and through Fuelling the Bold™ we aim to encourage people to shape their future with boldness and celebrate the relationships that are at the heart of our roasting business.

In 2023, we'll be hosting events at the roastery, including walks organised with our charity partner Blackdog Outdoors, Mental Health talks, our annual beer and coffee festival, and much more. We'll also be working closely with our coffee partners to take over and host events at their establishments, including live music and coffee masterclasses. Online, we'll be showcasing people who embody Fuelling the Bold™ by interviewing in our own community in the Morecambe Bay area to inspire the local and wider community.

If you're interested in our next event or volunteering in community-building exercises please contact us or join our community by signing up to the newsletter. You can also visit Bold Coffee Shop in Hest Bank

FTB in the community

In 2023 we interviewed a host of people doing bold things in the Morecambe Bay community. This series of short videos and podcasts led to collaborative events for increased community engagement.

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