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The Passionate Pursuit of Pole Fitness with Bex of Bexpoles Studio

There is a sense of profound pride that lights up Bex's face when she talks about Bexpoles Studio, her Pole Fitness Studio nestled in the heart of Morecambe Bay. Bex’s love for Pole Fitness is infectious; her enthusiasm is a testament to the empowering sport that she has turned into a thriving community.
"What I want people to know is that it is okay to start," Bex says with a sparkle in her eyes, "You don't have to be perfect to start. You just have to start to get to perfection."
Bex's passion for pole fitness started in 2016 after finding herself in a bad place mentally and struggling with postnatal depression after the birth of her second child. This has now transformed into an enriching community. It's more than just a fitness studio; it's a supportive and empowering environment where students not only work on their physical health but their mental wellbeing as well.
"Pole and aerial fitness is a way of getting fit, but it's also a way of getting mentally fit. I'm promoting good, positive and healthy mental health, and I think that's super important," Bex emphasises.
Bex is driven by the growth she sees in her students. She beams with pride while talking about their progress, their commitment, and the courage it takes to learn pole fitness. It is their dedication and improvement that fuel Bex’s passion and keep her inspired.
"I see their progress and then posting on Instagram, and they might think that they're completely rubbish, but I'm totally proud of them. It takes a lot of effort and balls to just try it, never mind commit to it each week," Bex shares.
Bex's admiration extends beyond the walls of her studio. An avid supporter of local, independent businesses, she fosters the same ethos at Bexpoles Studio. She talks about the sense of community in Morecambe Bay, about how she'd rather "put the money in the pockets of an independent rather than a chain." And this belief is at the core of what she's doing with Bexpoles Studio.
"Morecambe Bay is fab. I love the beaches, I love the money that's being ploughed into the Eden project. I feel like the people are supportive and I feel like it's a little community that's not really like many other towns or cities," Bex exclaims.
Running a business is never a smooth sail. As the sole person behind Bexpoles Studio, Bex candidly talks about her challenges in maintaining a work-life balance. But she is determined, constantly learning and adapting, and has plans in place to find a more sustainable balance in the near future.
And for anyone thinking of following in her footsteps, she says, "Don't do it. There are a lot easier ways of making money. It is more a business of passion than a business of making money. For me, the important thing is to provide a safe and happy space that people can see pole and aerial fitness as a way of getting fit, but also a way of getting mentally fit."
The power of pole fitness lies in its duality – it’s physically challenging and mentally rewarding. It requires strength, flexibility, and most importantly, a certain level of vulnerability. But as Bex will tell you, with each step on the pole, you’re not just defying gravity but also breaking barriers, growing stronger in body and mind.
As a Coffee Roasting company, we are proud to be Fuelling the Bold in Bex and her empowering community at Bexpoles Studio. We hope Bex’s story inspires more women to take the leap and try pole fitness. Join us and be a part of the growing community at Morecambe Bay.
Bexpoles Studio, 11E Keer Park, Warton Road, Carnforth, Lancashire, LA5 9FG
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