#5 - Ben Clifton

Ben Clifton

Ben Clifton: Pushing Limits, Inspiring Lives

Ben Clifton is not just another name in the fitness industry. He's an inspiring persona, an experienced personal trainer, a father, and a dedicated philanthropist who believes in challenging personal limits and fostering holistic wellness. His remarkable approach to fitness and health, coupled with a steadfast commitment to family and charitable causes, makes him an inspiring figure in the world of fitness and beyond.
In the clamuor of a saturated fitness industry, Clifton's voice resonates with authenticity and passion. In a recent interview, he dispelled the notion that fitness is an exclusive club of the super fit or super strong. "You don't have to be one of these people that bench presses 300kg or whatever. It's not about that. It's just exercise," he asserted. His ideology centres on the concept of fitness being a personal journey, where the individual is in competition with no one but themselves. "The only person you should ever feel that you're competing with is yourself," Clifton shared, emphasising the unique nature of each individual's fitness journey.
Moreover, Clifton wholeheartedly believes in the power of exercise to impact more than just the physical body. It's a "scientific fact", he points out, that the endorphins released through physical activity can have profound benefits on one's mental state and happiness. This underlines his holistic approach to health and wellness.
Clifton's philosophy extends beyond his clients to his professional peers as well. He encourages personal trainers to focus on their clients' goals above all else. "If [personal trainers] are more bothered about their program than your goals, then they're not the right fit," he emphasised, highlighting his client-centric approach. Clifton's belief is clear: There's a right trainer for everyone, and the key to success lies in finding someone who listens and focuses on individual goals.
Work-life balance, though a ubiquitous concept, takes on a more profound significance when seen through Clifton's perspective. His unwavering dedication to his family is admirable. Despite a demanding profession, he makes sure there are "blocks in [his] calendar where, you know, it says family time and that's not being disturbed." His advice for maintaining a balanced life? "Work to live, not live to work," he candidly shares.
However, Clifton's influence doesn't stop at the gym doors. He's equally committed to charity work, setting challenging physical feats to raise money for worthy causes. His advice for anyone considering similar endeavours is straightforward: "Don't try and do things completely on your own. You do need support." He emphasises the importance of training but also encourages embracing the possibility of failure. "Don't beat yourself up because you're making an effort to try and improve things for people," he advises.
In essence, Ben Clifton is a testament to the power of balance, perseverance, and dedication. Whether he's coaching a client, spending time with his family, or undertaking a challenging feat for charity, he embodies a holistic approach to life that is truly inspiring. His personal and professional philosophies underscore the beauty of individual growth, the importance of mental health, and the profound impact of making a difference – an ethos we could all stand to learn from.


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