Vecchia Romagna and Cold Brew Cocktail Recipe

Vecchia Romagna and Cold Brew Cocktail Recipe

Vecchia Romagna Coffee Cocktail

In Spain they call this Carajillo and Italy they call it Caffe Coretto. Both are similar and consist of a shot of coffee with the addition of a spirit - often brandy but sometimes Rum or Sambuca or whatever comes to hand. The bottle of Brandy is often delivered to the table allowing the person drinking this cocktail to determine how much they will add.

Our version is Cold Brew Coffee and Vecchia Romagna - an Italian Brandy that we adore. Add some whipped cream and orange zest, ask for the cheque and put on your dancing shoes!



  • 1 x Shot of Cold Brew Coffee
  • 1 x Shot of Vecchia Romagna (or more)
  • Whipped Cream
  • Orange Zest

Did you know DIY Cold Brew is our make-at-home roast for cold brew coffee? It’s naturally sweet and refreshing and unlike any hot coffee or iced coffee you’ve tasted before. All you need is a cafetière or a cold brew coffee maker. As well as enjoying it over ice you can use cold brew coffee to make some amazing cocktails and recipes. At Carringtons Coffee Co. we custom roast for cold brew.

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